Four Freedoms Flag Ceremony
Posted On: 2020-01-04






1 American Flag                                        Flashlights for girls in the troop

4 candles                                                  4 Girl Scouts!


This is best done in the dark. Four persons stand, each holding a corner of the flag in one hand and a lighted candle in the other.    There is no other light in the room.

Narrator: This banner is the emblem of FREEDOM. The color red stands for the blood

that has been shed by the many heroes down through the years who have fought to preserve this Emblem of Freedom.


There are 50 white stars on this banner, one for each state of the Union over which this Emblem of Freedom flies.


The stars are placed on a blue background which represents the heavens for which we are ever reaching.


This banner is the Emblem of the greatest country in the world. It is great because the people who live in it are free to practice FOUR FREEDOMS...


    Freedom of Religion (one candle is raised high, pause)

    Freedom of Speech (second candle is raised)

    Freedom of the Press (third candle is raised)


    Freedom of Assembly (last candle is raised).


If we fail to protect our rights, fail to assist in preserving these Four Freedoms, we will take


    Freedom of Speech (first candle is blown out)


    Freedom of Religion (second candle is blown out)


    Freedom of the Press (third candle is blown out)


    Freedom of Assembly (last candle is blown out)


This world of darkness, which we have created, could be our HERITAGE, as it is in so many other countries. Let us be thoughtful of the privileges we have in our great country.


Let us be proud of our BANNER. Let us be thankful to live in the country it represents. Let us rise and together pledge out allegiance to the USA.


(All say Pledge of Allegiance)


(Girls shine flashlights on American flag until flag is folded and the lights are turned on)




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