Daisy Girl Scout Investiture III (Sunshine Ceremony)
By: Girl Scouts - Mile Hi Council Posted On: 2020-01-04

Theme: Growing Daisy flowers a.k.a., the Sunshine Ceremony


·  Daisy Beginning Certificate for each girl

·  Daisy membership pin for each girl

·  Optional – a silk or fresh daisy flower for each girl


Characters: The girls are the flower seedlings.

The troop leader or other adult is the main speaker.

Staging: All girls stand on one side of the leaders. The other side of the

leaders is the “garden”.

Beginning Part

Daisies are the youngest members of Girl Scouts, but they are deeply

rooted in Girl Scout traditions. The idea was planted first by Juliette

Gordon Low, our Founder. Her nickname was “Daisy”. In the mid-

1980’s the Daisy Girl Scout program began nationwide.

Each person joining Girl Scouts receives a membership pin when they

are invested. Today we will invest our girls as Daisies. We will do this

through the symbolism of planting flowers in the garden.

Leader: Will our Daisy seedlings please “plant themselves deep into the soil”.

(Girls squat low and cover their faces). Sunshine, happiness, friends

and families help to grow Daisies.

Little Daisy, Little Daisy, sprout up and show yourself. (Girls unfold and

pop up.)

Middle Part

Leader: Daisies like sunshine, do you?

All girls say: Yes

Leader: Daisies like happiness, do you?

All girls say: Yes

Leader: Daisies like friends and family, do you?

All girls say: Yes

Last Part

Leader: Are you a Daisy? (Leader asks directly to the first girl.)

First girl says: I am a Daisy (or simply “Yes”)

Leader: You can now become a Daisy Girl Scout. (Leader does the Girl Scout

handshake and pins on the Daisy membership pin. Leader hands her

the Beginning Daisy Certificate and a flower, optional.)

Leader: Go now to join the Daisy garden. (Girl moves to other side where the

“garden” is located.)

Leader repeats the “Last Part” for each girl individually. When all new

Daisies are in the garden, they can repeat the Girl Scout Promise in



Use the Friendship Circle, another Girl Scout tradition, to signal the end of the ceremony.

The friendship circle stands for the unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts

everywhere. Invite everyone to stand in a circle. Cross your right hand over your left

forearm. Hold hands with the person standing next to you.


This ceremony works well for a Daisy Rededication.

Invite Girl Scout families.




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