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1925 Flag Ceremonies

Author:  Scouting for Girls Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts

Pulled from the Scouting for Girls Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts copyright 1925.
(It is addressed under How to Conduct a Scout meeting.)

1. One long whistle blast: Silence, listen for orders.
2. Three short whistle blasts: "Fall In," or "Assemble", three paces in front
of Captain, Squad formation.
3. "Right Dress", "Front."
4. Inspection   Captain inspects for posture, and for personal appearance, which should be neat, and clean in every particular, and uniform, which should be correct as to style, length, placing of insignia, etc. All necessary corrections should be made in a low tone of voice to the individual Scout.
5. "Color Bearer, Forward--Center" "March". The Color Bearer, appointed to carry flag, upon receiving order to "March", takes one step backward, executes "Right Face", marches out of rank, executes "Left Face", marches to point on line with flag, executes "Right Face", marches to within two steps of flag and comes to "Halt". She salutes flag, takes staff in both hands,
wheels right, and marches to position three paces in front of, and facing troop. The Captain and Lieutenant have moved to position at right angles to, and at right of troop. If a Color Guard is used instead of Color Bearer, two Scouts act as guards, their position being on either side of bearer. They leave ranks together, form in line at right of troop, march shoulder to shoulder and always wheel to the right, the Color Bearer being the pivot and giving all orders to Guard. After Bearer has taken flag an turns, the Guards salute, take one step forward, about-face, and all march to position in front of troop. The Color Guard never takes part in the repeating of the Promise, Laws, Pledge of Allegiance or singing of Star Spangled Banner.
6. "Scouts, the flag of your country, Pledge Allegiance." The Pledge of Allegiance should be followed by one verse of the Star Spangle Banner.
7. "The Scout Promise,” Salute””.
8. "The Scout Laws, Repeat.
9. "Color Bearer, Post-March." The Color Bearer, turning always to right, returns flag to its post, places it in position, salutes, and returns to place, entering ranks from rear of line. The Color Guard, wheels right, marches to post. Guards stand at attention while the Bearer places flag, salutes, and about-faces. The Guards step forward, about-face, and the Color Guard wheels and returns to ranks.
10. "Fall Out."


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