International Campfire Ideas
Posted On: 2020-11-05



Near the waters, near the reedbeds
Near the wigwam, O my brothers,
We will light our evening campfire,
Light the red flower of the forest,
That her leaves and petals rising
Call us to our friendly council.


O Drummer, summon the Legions;
Send the call o'er valley and hill
For council, we take round our campfire
And friendship; listen we will.
Let friendship be our clear watchword,
Let us join in the campfire's light
Our hands, to show we are brothers
Forever, as we are tonight.


When the sands of the desert are burning
And the billabong's dusty and dry
Then, cobbers, the tribes will all gather
For corroboree under the sky.
So lay down our boomerangs, cobbers
For corroboree under the sky.