The Mock Disaster
By: GSLC Posted On: 2020-04-09

This will take two meetings to complete

MEETING #1- Go over the character connection with the boys and
make sure they know the steps of being strong, being calm, being clear
and being careful. Also make sure they know what to do in case of an
emergency. After they understand all of this, go over different possible
medical emergencies, and how to respond to them. Give the boys some
practice pretending to fix the injuries on each other. Let your den know
that they will have a quiz on it later.

MEETING #2- Recruit a couple of volunteers to help out and pretend to be victims. Set up the
meeting room to resemble an emergency situation and have 3 X 5 cards with different injuries on
them, passed out to the volunteers in advance. When the Scouts enter the room the volunteers
will act out the injuries on their cards. MAKE SURE to explain to the Scouts before hand that
this is just a DRILL and not REAL! Let the boys enter the room and let them try to remember
the steps and procedures to help those in need. Make sure that a leader is with the boys to help
prompt them when needed. This is a great time to involve medical people in your community to
help out.

The Scouts will learn a lot more if they get some freedom and space to actually try to
practice in somewhat of a realistic situation. It will also help prepare them for an actual emergency
someday. The more they practice, the more likely they will be ready if anyone needs their
help someday.

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