In The Year 2030
Posted On: 2020-11-05


LEADER: Tonight we are going to embark on a journey into the future. The year is 2030AD and Cub Scouting is still going strong: Picture in your mind the possible changes that may have come about.

CUB #1: (Wolf) We hold our den meetings by computer and video-phone

CUB #2: (Bear) My family took a weekend trip on the new space shuttle. Can I count that as a "camping" trip?

CUB #3: (Webelos) Last month, my family took me to the moon to work on my geology award:

CUB #1: (Wolf) I've almost got my model of a solar-powered car done. When is the derby?

CUB #2: (Bear) My den's next field trip is to the rocket port to see the return of the first men to orbit Venus.

CUB #3: (Webelos) To finish my Arrow of Light, I must complete my Citizen of the Earth award.

LEADER: Anything is possible. The sky or should we say, the stars are the limit. So please join us tonight on our adventure into space. Your future is what you make it.