I Have Meaning To Boy Scouts
Posted On: 2020-10-30


ARRANGEMENT: Colors are advanced in a normal manner. The audience is standing, facing the flag, Flag is spotlighted by a flashlight with house lights dimmed.

VOICE: I am your flag. I have a special meaning to the Boy Scouts of America because your Scout Promise emphasizes duty to God and Country.

I am a symbol of America. I suppose you might say I AM AMERICA. I am great cornfields in the Midwest; throbbing industries in great cities; orchards and vineyards in the great valleys of the West. I am mountains, rivers, and lakes.

I am the citadel of democracy and the vanguard of freedom in the world where both are being discovered by more and more people. I am an opportunity for any boy to become almost anything if he has the skill and the will to scale the heights. I am most things to everyone and everything to most people. As a matter of fact, I guess that's what I am most..... people.... free people....you!

DIFFERENT VOICE: Let us all rededicate ourselves to our duty to keep America great and free. The pledge of allegiance and then we will sing "America the Beautiful."




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