Package Cupcakes
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-18

1 package (18 oz) cake mix, plus ingredients to prepare mix
Food coloring (optional)
1 can (16oz) white frosting
1 tube (4 ¼ oz) white decorator icing
72 chewy fruit squares
Assorted round sprinkles

Line muffin cups with paper liners.
Prepare cake and bake in muffin cups according to directions.
Cool in pans on wire racks 15 minutes.
Remove cupcakes and cool completely.
Tint frosting with food coloring.
Frost cupcakes with white or tinted frosting.
Use decorator icing to pipe “ribbons” on fruit squares to resemble wrapped present.
Place three candy presents on each cupcake.
Decorate with sprinkles.


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GSLC Pow Wow 2008


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