I Am The Flag
Posted On: 2020-10-30


By Lawrence M. Jones

I am a composite being of all the people of America.

I am the Union if you are united.

I am one and indivisible if you are undivided.

I am as strong as the weakest link.

I am an emblem of your country.

I am a symbol of a shadow of the real.

I am a sign pointing to past achievements.

I am a Promise of greater things for the future.

I am what you make me.

I am purity if you are pure.

I am bravery if you are brave.

I am loyalty if you are loyal.

I am honor if you are honorable.

I am goodness if you are good.

I am hope if you are hopeful.

I am truth if you are true.

I am the Constitution.

I am law and order.

I am tolerance or intolerance as you force me to be.

I am liberty as you understand liberty.

I am as a pillar of fire by night, but you must provide the fuel.

I march at the head of the column, but you must carry me on.

I stand for greater and mere glorious achievement than can be found in recorded history, but you must be my inspiration.