I Am An American
Posted On: 2020-10-30

ARRANGEMENT: Flags are presented in the usual manner. 12 uniformed Cub Scouts have speaking parts.

1ST CUB: My country gives each one of us the opportunity to advance according to his ambition. Education is for all. I am an American.

2ND CUB: My country means love of freedom, faith in democracy, justice, and equality. I am an American.

3RD CUB: My country believes in the moral worth of the common man. I am an American.

4TH CUB: My country gives us the privilege of expressing beliefs or opinions without fear of persecution. I am an American.

5TH CUB: My country has the best form of government. It is our duty to keep it that way. I am an American.

6TH CUB: My country promises life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am an American.

7TH CUB: My country gives us a privilege that we shall protect and defend even with our lives. I am an American.

8TH CUB: My country is and always shall remain the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am an American.

9TH CUB: My country offers a living Americanism which demands an informed, intelligent, and active citizenship. I am an American.

10TH CUB: My country meets any need or suffering with its abiding love and loyalty. I am an American.

11TH CUB: My country is the servant, not the master. I am an American.

12TH CUB: My country possesses a Statue of Liberty whose torch shall burn as long as we keep it bright with our devotion to the freedom of the individual. I am an American.

Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.



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