How We Use Computers
Posted On: 2020-10-30


Cub #1: We live in a time in which computers are changing the way we organize our daily lives. We have computers in our schools, homes, places of work, and vehicles.

Cub #2: They are a tool to help us work more efficiently. We have yet to invent the computer that will do our thinking for us entirely, but they are a resource for us to use when we need them.

Cub #3: We now have more knowledge at our fingertips than many volumes of encyclopedias could provide in the past and that knowledge is very up to date. Computers talk to other computers linked around the world, they get faster and faster and have more in their memories than we can often conceive.

Cub #4: How can we use computers in our Cub Scouting program? Information, please! Computer Fun and Communicator all have activities that we have been working on this month and earning our advancement at the same time.

Cub #5: We found out how computers are used and visited workplaces that use different programs.  We have used computers ourselves and looked at different programs that will help us or that we enjoy.

Cub #6: We have multimedia computers that link CDs, videos, and computers into a network filled with information, games, and artistic possibilities. Explore for yourselves, for this is the world of our future.