Growing Carrots
Posted On: 2020-10-20


EQUIPMENT: A package of carrot seeds and a few carrots with tops

CUB 1 - Inside this package of seeds are tiny carrot seeds. They don't look like much because they are tiny and fragile.

CUB 2 - But if we plant them in good soil and we make sure that they get plenty of sunlight, air, and water they will grow to be big healthy carrots like these.

CUB 3 - Cub Scouts are like carrots. We need certain things too.

CUB 4 - Like good food, rest, and exercise.

DEN LEADER - But Cub Scouts need something more. They need to have healthy minds and spirits if they are going to be the kind of men we all admire. In Cub Scouting and later on in Scouting, boys can develop that extra quality of mind and spirit. They do it by following the Cub Scout Promise and later the Scout Oath. Will all of you please stand and join us in repeating the Cub Scout Promise.




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