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Grand Entrance Snake Dance

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GRAND ENTRANCE SNAKE DANCE---After strutting in, Indians sit in semicircle facing the audience.

Opening Ceremony--A Den Chief acting as the Indian chief sits with three Cub Scout Indian braves around an artificial council fire. He holds up both hands until all are quiet. Than he speaks loudly and clearly.

INDIAN CHIEF: Oh Great father in the sky, listen to my people.

(Each Indian raises both hands and gives his prayer in turn. Lines' can be pasted to back of shields Cubs have made for Indian costumes.)

FIRST BRAVE: We thank Thee, Great Creator, for the light of the sun each day.

SECOND BRAVE: We thank Thee for the beauty of this world and the plants and the animals we enjoy.

THIRD BRAVE: We thank Thee for the night and the rest it brings.

INDIAN CHIEF: Oh Great Father of all Cub Scouts, bless us and be with us today.

MEDICINE MAN: (Jumps up, shakes rattles, and as tom-toms beat) shouts: Rise up all you braves.

Rise up, our white brothers. (All stand.) We lower our tribal totems to honor the great flag of our white brothers.

SECOND DEN CHIEF: (presents flag to Indian Chief) This is the most beautiful flag in the world. It stands for freedom, liberty, and happiness. Take it, honor it, respect it, and love it always, as it is yours and mine. (He leads all in pledge of Allegiance)


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