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Genius Night #2

body len: 954

PERSONNEL: 7 Cubs - 6 Holding cards with pictures of the inventions.

DEN CHIEF: This months theme is "Invention Convention" But we've something to tell you about inventors.

CUB 1: Gutenburg invented the moveable type for printing so that now we can have books, papers and magazines to read.

CUB 2: Edison gave us many electrical ideas but perhaps his greatest was the light bulb to help light up our world.

CUB 3: Newton discovered gravity and worked with electricity.

CUB 4: Irving was a genius with his pen. He wrote many stories which young and old have enjoyed for ages.

CUB 5: Urey made his discoveries in chemistry and nuclear power which will be used for many generations.

CUB 6: The "S" stands for "Scouting" which helps every boy develop genius in his very own way.

DEN CHIEF: Now let us salute the genius that is in every boy by standing and saying our pledge to the flag of our country.


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