Dinosaurs Once Ruled the Earth Opening
Posted On: 2020-01-06

Use printouts from online or drawings done by the boys to
illustrate each part, the boy's part can be written on the
back of the picture
CM: Dinosaurs once ruled the earth, when it was
very new. They hatched from eggs, and in their
day, had many things to do.
Cub #1: Seismasaurus was the longest, One Hundred
Sixty Feet!
Cub #2: Stegasaurus might look scary, but he just liked to
Cub #3: Brachiosaurus also ate green plants, and swam in
lakes and streams.
Cub #4: Tyrannosaurus had sharp teeth, ate meat and
NOTHING green!
Cub #5: Pteranadon with HIS huge wings, flew over sea
and land.
Cub #6: Triceratops, with three great horns, felt he was
very grand!
CA: Yes, dinosaurs once ruled the earth, but then their
time was done. We read of them, we see their
bones.  Now dinosaurs are FUN!

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