The Dinosaurs
Posted On: 2020-07-17

Setting: 5 Cub Scouts, four have pictures of dinosaurs with
the appropriate verse in LARGE print on the back of the
Scene: Scouts stand in a line next to the American flag.
Cub #1: I'm a Brontosaurus with four feet.
I eat plants, but don't eat meat.
Known as Thunder Lizard, that is true,
Cause when I walked, the earth just shook.
Cub #2: Tyrannosaurus Rex: that's my name
King of the Dinosaurs, that I am.
I make many run and hide.  Cause I'm mean and
like to fight.
Cub #3: I'm Triceratops, with three horns,
A big, big head, and frilly bones.
I'm a fierce fighter, on four feet,
But I eat plants, cause they are neat.
Cub #4: Dinosaurs, dinosaurs that we know
Some were large, some were small.
Fossils tell us this is so
Cause I've not seen one after all.
Cub #5: (or adult leader) Please stand and join us in the
Pledge of Allegiance.

References / Source:
Sam Houston Area Council