Freedom Symbols
Posted On: 2019-03-28

PROPS NEEDED: 7 large cards. On one side of each card draw one letter of the word "FREEDOM", so that the cards when lined up in order, spell out, the word. On the reverse side, have a picture of each item described in the verses to be said in unison on the picture side.

(Narrator steps forward, showing the picture on his card, and reads his verse, reversing his card as he finishes. He holds "F" card. Each person reverses his card after he reads his verse.)

NARRATOR: We are here to tell you about the Symbols of Freedom in the United States. We have come to cherish their meanings in our hearts. All about us in the fifty states, we enjoy the right to live and think as we please. These symbols are constant reminders of this privilege.

F--For people of all other lands O--Should Uncle Sam become to you
The Statute of Liberty stands To serve on his Liberty Crew
With her flaming torch high Then try with your might
"Gainst America's sky To help with the fight
Promising freedom from tyrant's demand. For Freedom, to pay what is due.

R--0'er the Land of the free. flying high M--The "Star Spangled Banner's our song
Old Glory waves in the sky. To Americans it. will always be long
Thirteen stripes. fifty stars Long may she wave
This banner is ours. O'er the Home of the Brave
To defend it, our heroes did die. These words we'll sing proudly and long.

E--Our Bird is called the Bald Eagle, ALL PLAYERS: (in unison)
His power is mighty and regal We are Fifty States. all in all
Within our Fair Land Whose standards never shall fall
His emblem does stand. Our motto is just,
His seal is on all that is legal. In God we trust

E--We treasure our Liberty Bell Freedom, if you need us, just call.
Freedom news. long ago did tell
Independence Declaration
It told to Our Nation
As it peeled out the news. "All is well"

D--Americans love the fair sight
Of the Capitol dome. gleaming white
Here men pass the laws
To spread freedom's cause
And guard against tyranny's blight.




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