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Flag Ceremony Color Guards Speak


STAGING: Den Chief (or other speaker). Flag bearers for American Flags and pack flag two color Guards for each flag.

ARRANGEMENT: Flags are advanced in usual manner.

SPEAKER: Color guard, secure the colors. Guard of the left, why do we salute our flag?

LEFT GUARD: We salute our flag because it stands for freedom and independence.

SPEAKER: Guard of the right, what do the red stripes stand for?

RIGHT GUARD: The red stripes stand for the lifeblood of brave men and women ready to die or worthily live for their country.

SPEAKER: Guard of the left, what do the white strips stand for?

LEFT GUARD: White stands for purity, cleanness of purpose or word or deed.

SPEAKER: Guard of the right, why do the white strips separate the red?

RIGHT GUARD: England denied as our liberty so we separated from her.

SPEAKER: Color bearer, why is the Union surrounded by a constellation of stars?

COLOR BEARER: Because it was formed by the help of God.

SPEAKER: Color bearer, what is the boast of our country?

COLOR BEARER: Here all men are born free and equal.

SPEAKER: Color Guard, post the colors. Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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