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B Stands for Be Smart: Say "NO" to Drugs. Be a drug free kid! When you say "NO" to drugs you say "YES" to a healthy you.

O Stands for Our World: This is our world and you are a part of it. You are part of your family and neighborhood. You live in a big and beautiful world. You share wonderful things in this world with everyone. You have a part in this world to make it a clean and safe place.

D Stands for Drugs: Drugs hurt everyone. It hurts the people who use them, their families and friends.

Y Stands for You: You have learned about drugs. You know that some people use drugs. You know that drugs cause problems and are illegal.

H Stands for Hurt: What one person does can hurt everyone. What one person does can also help everyone. When people say "NO" to drugs, they help everyone.

E Stands for Everyone: Everyone is a part of our world. This your world, too. You share the world with everyone. Some people are not good at sharing. People who use drugs are not good at sharing.  People who use drugs have a problem. It is a problem that hurts many people. It is a problem that hurts the world we share.

A Stands for Addicted: Drugs change the way the body works. They make people sick. Drugs change the way the brain works. They change the people who use them. Drugs change the way people feel and act. People addicted to drugs care more about drugs than nothing or anyone else. Most of all, they hurt the people they know and love.

L Stands for Laws: We have laws to keep our world safe from drugs. But not every-one obeys the law. Breaking the law can get people in big trouble. Therefore, people who break the law hurt other people, too. People who use drugs hurt everyone. That's why everyone should say "NO" to drugs. One law is easy to remember: It is against the law to use drugs.

T Stands for Tell: If someone in your family or someone you know uses drugs what should you do? You don't have to be frightened; you don't have to feel alone; there is someone for you to talk to. You can share this problem with your parents, teacher, or doctor. There are many people who will help you.

H Stands for How: How can I deal with drugs? How can anyone deal with drugs? Just say "NO".

Y Stands for Your World: It is a big world. It is a beautiful world. You share this world with many people and help to keep it safe and clean. Most of all, you are a drug-free kid. You constantly say "NO" to drugs. Saying "NO" to drugs keeps you, and our world safe for everyone. say "YES" to happiness, intelligence, health, drug-free school, family, you and your world.



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