Fellowship Around Campfires
Posted On: 2019-03-28

SETTING: This can be done around an electric council fire if you have an indoor meeting. Don't have an electric campfire? Use a few logs to make a fire-lay and have each boy add a cardboard "flame" to the fire as he reads his part.

CUB #!: The early cave men used fire to keep themselves warm and to protect themselves from wild animals.

CUB #2: Ancient Phoenicians used fires on mountain tops to signal their ships at sea.

CUB #3: American Indians used fire to hollow logs for canoes, fire pottery and in ceremonies.

CUB #4: Pioneers used fire to forge the iron rims of their wagon wheels.

CUB #5: Cowboys of the old west sat around campfires after a day on the trail to tell stories and sing songs.

CUB #6: The fiery flames of rockets have set today's pioneers to the moon.

CUB #7: The fellowship around campfires is one of the lasting memories in the life of a Scout. If every pack in the world had a campfire tonight, the world would be filled with the glow of brotherhood.