Family Talents
Posted On: 2019-03-28

PERSONNEL: 6 Cub Scouts

CUB 1: We may not be able to sing and dance, To ride a horse, or throw a lance, But there are some things we do real good, And without each other there's no way we could.

CUB 2: Dad coaches soccer and I play on the team, Mom and my sister root and scream, When I block a goal or make a pass, My whole family gets in the act.

CUB 3: On Saturday mornings we like to bake bread, It's a wonderful way to get out of bed, Mom adds the yeast, Dad kneads the dough, I get the oven ready, you know.

CUB 4: My Dad and I like to build things, You wouldn't believe the fun this brings! We've made dog houses and bookcases and closet shelves, And talk a lot while we're busy as elves.

CUB 5: We like to ride bikes, my family and me; The fresh air is great out in the country. Up and down hills, east and then west, We see a lot, but the ride home is best.

CUB 6: I bet there's lots of things you can do. Think about it, then try a few. Get Mom and Dad in there to help. You'll find family fun is really swell.


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