Explain Words Of Promise
Posted On: 2019-03-28


PERSONNEL: Leader may be Cubmaster, Den Leader, or Den Chief, and Cub Scouts.

LEADER: Will all Cub Scouts please stand, give the Cub Scout sign and repeat the correct phrase of the Cub Scout Promise each time I pause in reading.

LEADER: I, (name) , promise... (pause)

CUB SCOUTS: I, (name) , promise...

LEADER: An assurance I make a pledge to do right, I keep before me, a bright shining light. (pause)

To do my best... (pause)

CUB SCOUTS: To do my best...

LEADER: I'll try my best to do it, though difficult it may be, and if I keep my promise, then folks will believe in me. (pause)

To do my duty to God...(pause)

CUB SCOUTS: To do my duty to God...

LEADER: To God the creator, the maker of all, if weakness o'ertakes us, on him we may call. (pause)

And my country... (pause)

CUB SCOUTS: And my country...

LEADER: A wonderful country, I'm sure you'll agree, so let's keep it always the land of the free.


To help other people... (pause)

CUB SCOUTS: To help other people.

LEADER: When I help other people I am being considerate of them and not just thinking about myself.


And to obey the Law of the Pack. (pause)

CUB SCOUTS: And to obey the Law of the Pack.

LEADER: A guide for each day, as we go on our way, a good one to know, as we follow and grow.

Leader then welcomes everyone to the Blue and Gold




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