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Welcome Back
Posted On: 2008-08-26

Eight Cub Scouts stand side by side. In turn each steps forward and recites his assigned verse. You may to be sure each boy has a big card with an appropriate picture for his verse on front and his part in LARGE letters on back.

Cub # 1: Another year is starting
And we'd like to welcome you.
And tell you what our purpose is
And what we hope to do.

Cub # 2: Cub Scouts is a group of boys.
It helps us grow up strong.
And teaches us to do what's right
And fight against what's wrong.

Cub # 3: It shows us how much we can do
If we just work as a team.
Then we'll have fun and jobs won't be
As hard as they first seemed.

Cub # 4: We'll go on hikes and field trips
To learn of nature's wonders.
So we'll respect her when we're grown
And not make any blunders.

Cub # 5: And we'll be shown in many ways
That each man is our brother;
And we will see the joy there is
In helping one another.

Cub # 6: We'll learn to be good citizens
And, hopefully, we'll see
That laws are made for everyone
So each one can be free.

Cub # 7:
To do all this the Cub Scouts need
Good leaders; this is true.
That means we'll need the help of all
Of you, and you, and you!

[Cubs point to everyone in the audience]

Cub # 8: And now to start the year off right
In good and proper manner,
We'd like you all to rise and sing
Our own "Star Spangled Banner."


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