Don't Give Up The Ship
Posted On: 2020-08-28


1st CUB: In the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland is a Naval Museum.

2nd CUB: It has an interesting historic display of flags and standards which are preserved.

3rd CUB: One of the most famous is the original "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag.

4th CUB: It was flown by Commodore Perry in his noted victory over the British fleet on Lake Erie, December 10, 1813.

5th CUB: During a terrific battle between the ships Shannon and Chesapeake, Captain Lawrence gave this order: "Don't Give Up The Ship".

6th CUB: In honor of Captain Lawrence, Commodore Perry named his flagship, adopting his dying words as his battle slogan.

7th CUB: We as Cub Scouts ask all of our parents and leaders "Don't Give Up The Ship".

8th CUB: Help us be seaworthy so we in time can help others be seaworthy.