Cub Round Up
Posted On: 2020-08-28


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, 4 Cubs 2nd Cub with his Dad

CUBMASTER: I have come here this evening with some members of our Pack to tell you about Scouting but there must have been a mix-up because none of my Cubs showed up and I would.......

1ST. CUB: Mr. _____, Mr. _____.........Am I late?

CUBMASTER: Late for what?

1ST. CUB: For the swimming outing!

CUBMASTER: That's in January!

CUBMASTER: As I was saying, with all the........

2ND CUB: Mr. _____, Mr. _____........ Are we on time?

CUBMASTER: On time for what?

2ND. CUB: For the Dad and Lad!

CUBMASTER: That's in July!

CUBMASTER: Getting back to our program of fun and......

3RD. CUB: Mr. _____, Mr. _____.......Did they leave yet?

CUBMASTER: Who? Leave for where?

3RD. CUB: All the Cubs for the trail hike!

CUBMASTER: That's not until April!

CUBMASTER: Who else but a boy could get so mixed-up, but.....

4TH. CUB: Mr. _____, Mr. _____...... Are we going to start the Rain Gutter Regatta now?

CUBMASTER: Not now, in January, it will give you plenty of time to put some finishing touches on your boat and sail.

CUBMASTER: I guess with a full year of fun things, I can see how a boy can get so mixed-up.