Compass Opening
Posted On: 2020-08-28


Personnel:  Akela; Operator of the spotlight; tom-tom beater; a Cub Scout; and an Explorer Scout (all scouts in uniform) Cub Scout or adult dressed as Indian.

Equipment: Indian tom-tom, spotlight, large cardboard compass board painted blue in the east; gold in the south; silver in the west; with a large cut-out Scout badge at north; 8-18 inch candle with a strip from the side of a safety box wrapped around its base; a wooden arrow painted old with wood safety matches taped to tip.

Arrangement: Compass board is supported by a small easel, and a candle is inserted in the center.  Room darkened.  A tom-tom beats off-stage, a spotlight swings around the room, centering on compass board.

Akela: We look to the compass for our guide.  We find at the north an Indian with his spirit of adventure. (Indian enters, carrying arrow, and stands behind the compass board).  We find at the east a Cub Scout bringing his eagerness like the dawn of a new day.  (Cub Scout enters and stands at the right of compass board).  We find at the west an Explorer, only a step from manhood.  (Explorer enters and stands at the left of compass board).  We read the compass, we set the course ... trained leadership will not lose the trail.  Look again, the “light of Scouting” burns (the Indian places his gold arrow to the candle, scratching the wood, his gold arrow lights the candle).  Now, will everyone join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.




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