Cars, Cars, Cars
Posted On: 2020-08-21


ARRANGEMENT: Narrator reads the lines below while 6 Cub Scouts, one by one, come on stage, carrying cardboard models of the cars they represent... or large posters showing pictures of the cars.

NARRATOR: The favorite transportation in America, we feel, is Henry ford's invention, the automobile. We all have our favorites, that you will know. As we show you our cars... now on with the show!

I'm a Toyota, oh so small,
Wind me up and I can crawl,
Drive me out to the end of town,
Then pick me up and turn me around.

I'm a shiny Cadillac
Driving to the store and back,
I can purr so quietly,
You can sleep while riding in me.

V. W.: 
I'm a little V.W. bug,
So lovable .. just give me a hug;
Drive me up the hill so slow,
Then down the other side I'll go.

I'm a Dodge with lots of class,
Built for many a lad and lass;
I can, go most any place,
And I hold my own in any race.

The merry Oldsmobile I'm called,
With all the latest, I'm installed;
Shiny things are here and there,
So you can drive me anywhere.

I'm a Chevy, plain and neat,
I have a very comfy seat,
I'll perform for all who ask,
Doing every little task.