Building A Cub Scout
Posted On: 2020-08-21


EQUIPMENT: Seven Cub Scouts with the tools they mention; a copy of the ceremony

CUB #1 "AWL" Cub Scouts should remember the Cub Scout motto, "Do Your Best." This means at home, school or play, Cubs always do their best.

CUB #2 Cub Scouting "CHISELS" out a well-rounded program for boys to work and play in, with hopes of forming solid future citizens.

CUB #3 In Scouting, boys work on projects according to their age "LEVEL". Each year brings new skills and achievements that help Cubs become Boy Scouts.

CUB #4 Cub Scouting helps to "FILE" the rough edges off of boys and smooth their way as they begin to grow into capable young men.

CUB #5 The Cub Scout promise helps "DRILL" into the boys a sense of duty to God and country and helping others.

CUB #6 All leaders can help to "HAMMER" out the need for leaders by volunteering to help the pack in their own special way.

CUB #7 "WOOD" everyone now stand and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.




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