Bugs And Things
Posted On: 2020-08-21

EQUIPMENT: Have Cub Scouts, dressed as the different ‘bugs’, come out, one at a time.

NARRATOR: To open our pack meeting tonight, Den___ has been working on the theme this month

"Bug and Things" and brought their collection of "bugs" to share with us.

Let’s begin with the:

"BEDBUG" (boy dressed in P.J.’s) who just hates to get up in the morning;

"LITTERBUG" (boy throws around litter) who ruins every place he goes;

"WATERBUG" (boy dressed in swimsuit, goggles) who just can’t get enough swimming.

"LADYBUG" (boy dressed in wig, dress, etc.) who thinks "she’s " the best looking bug around;

"SOWBUG" (boy with a pig mask) who’s a hog at every meal’

"PINCHERBUG"( boy with cardboard pinchers on his hands) who hurts everyone he sees

Well, that concludes our "bug" collection…but I think you left one out---the "STINKBUG".

BOYS (in unison): No, we didn’t

NARRATOR: Well, where is he?


CubMaster walks in.


BOYS: Here he is now!!!



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