Buckskin Pioneers
Posted On: 2019-03-19


Card Ceremonies: Place the letter on a card and the verse on the back of the card so the boy can read it aloud. Have the boys hold the cards up high and speak loudly.


B is for boys, the most important part of all.

U is for the uniform we wear with pride.

C is for the Cubs, the Scouts that we are.

K is for kids, what we are most of all.

S is for safety, we practice it always.

K is for knowledge we gain along the way.

I is for interesting achievements and electives.

N is for the new things we learn every day.


P is for people that make Scouting go.

I is for ideas that make Scouting fun.

O is for obey as in the Law of the Pack.

N is for nature we learn all about.

E is for earning achievements and electives.

I is for exploring, the world around us.

R is for ranks, the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos.

S is for Scouting and the fun that we have.




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