Bring Back One Of Nature's Secrets
Posted On: 2019-03-19

EQUIPMENT: Acorn; pine needles; feather.

PERSONNEL: 4 Cub Scouts; Cubmaster dresses as Akela.

AKELA (to 4 Cub Scouts): To test your manhood, I send each of you out into the earth's vast high country to bring back one of nature's secrets.

(Cub Scouts exit and return.)

AKELA (to CUB #1): What secret have you brought and where did you find it?

CUB #1: Akela, I return with great hunger, thirst, and a painful sunburn. I learned that a young brave must plan ahead.

AKELA (to CUB #2): What lesson have you brought and where did you find it?

CUB #2: Akela, I searched the hills and forests and bring an acorn. Just as a mighty oak grows from a small acorn, if I have faith in myself, I can become strong.

AKELA (to CUB #3): What secret did you bring?

CUB #3: Akela, I climbed high into the distant mountains where the snow is still deep, and the air is cool. I bring green needles from the giant pine trees. Just as the pine needles remain green throughout the year, a brave should always remain true to Cub Scouting--Do Your Best.

AKELA (to CUB #4): What treasure have you brought and where did you find it?

CUB #4: Akela, I traveled to the top of the mountains. From my high perch, I saw the wonders of God's creations. I saw the eagle as it soared high and free in the blue sky. I bring an eagle's feather--a reminder of freedom and the vision we must have to protect and cherish it.

AKELA (to the audience): These braves have learned well. Nature shared her secrets with them. It is now their responsibility to live what they have learned, to plan ahead, to have faith, to remain true to Scouting, and to cherish freedom. Will everyone now please stand and join me in repeating the Pledge of Allegiance and the Cub Scout Promise?




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