Blue and Gold Welcome (Opening)
Posted On: 2019-03-19

Personnel: Eight Cub Scouts say each line

Cub 1: We'd truly like to welcome you.

To our banquet of gold and blue

Cub 2:The food is great, the program grand

And everyone lent a hand

Cub 3: We’re having a party to celebrate

The Cub Scout birthday

Cub 4: And we give our thanks to all those who

Have helped promote the gold and blue.

Cub 5: Blue and gold are our colors true

No other colors would really do.

Cub 6: Blue is the color of the sky above.

Gold is for sunshine, warmth, and love

Cub 7: Come join us in our Cub Scout fun

And delight in our colors of sky and sun

Cub 8: So now we'll say it loud and bold

Welcome to our Blue and Gold.



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