Blue And Gold With 12 Parents
Posted On: 2020-08-21


PEOPLE: Assistant Cubmaster, 12 parents (6 ladies, 6 men)

EQUIPMENT: 6 Blue 12" candles, 6 Gold 12" candles, 1 candle holder for l2 candles, 12 3x5 cards

Each of the six male parents is given a blue candle and a 3x5 card with one point of the Scout Law written on it. Each of the six mothers is given a gold candle and a 3x5 card with an alternate point of the Scout Law. All participants are gathered at the rear of the room. The assistant Cubmaster comes, forward, carrying the candleholder, stops, turns and faces the audience. The lights are turned off. The 12 candles are lit and one by one the 12 parents come forward with a lit candle.

Upon reaching the assistant Cubmaster, the first Dad turns and reads "A Scout is Trustworthy" and, placing the lit candle in the holder, then steps back. By this time the mother carrying a lit gold candle ranches the staging area, turns and reads "A Scout is Loyal." This is done until all 12 points of the Scout Law have been read and all 12 candles placed in the candleholder. After the parents have placed the candles, they form a semi-circle behind the assistant Cubmaster, facing the audience.

ASSISTANT CUBMASTER: "One candle, like one point of the Scout Law, brightens the young lives of our boys. Today we have gathered here to celebrate the Cub Scout Birthday based on the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, Scout Oath and Scout Law and wish them many more. Will all adults please rise and site "Happy Birthdays to our boys"? (All sing "Happy Birthday".) After the song the assistant Cubmaster places the still lighted candles and holder on the head table, followed by the posting of the colors and the invocation.