Blue And Gold Candles
Posted On: 2020-08-21


ARRANGEMENT: 7 candles (1 white, 3 yellow, 3 blue) are placed on a table. 6 Cub Scouts stand behind yellow and blue candles.

CUBMASTER: (Lights the white candle) As I light this spirit of Cub Scouting candle, I am proud that every Cub Scout here has promised to do his best, to do his duty to God and his country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack. Tonight we will see many Scouts advance in rank and truly know they have done their best. We want you to understand what the Cub Scout colors, blue and gold, represent. (Hands white candle to first Scout)

CUB #1: (Lights the first yellow candle) As I light this candle, I challenge each of you to live up to the Cub Scout promise. Cub Scout gold stands for warm sunlight. (Hands white candle to 2nd Scout)

CUB #2: (Lights the second yellow candle) As I light this candle, remember that a Cub Scout always does his best. He does it with another meaning of gold - good cheer. A Cub Scout does not do anything halfheartedly. (Hands white candle to third Cub)

CUB #3: (Lights the third yellow candle) This gold candle represents the Law of the Pack which guides you in your life. You should always radiate happiness, the final meaning of the Cub Scout gold. (Hands white candle to fourth Cub)

CUB #4: (Lights the first blue candle) The first blue candle represents one part of the Law of the Pack, a Cub Scout follows Akela, and the first meaning of the blue of Cub Scouting, truth. (Hands white candle to the fifth Cub)

CUB #5: (Lights the second blue candle) This blue candle represents the spiritual part of Cub Scouting. Remember that a Cub Scout helps the pack go just as the pack helps the Cub Scout grow. (Hands white candle to the sixth Cub)

CUB #6: (Lights the third blue candle) This blue candle represents loyalty. Remember that a Cub Scout gives goodwill. (Returns white candle to Cubmaster)

CUBMASTER: I congratulate each Cub Scout continuing the steps up the Scouting trail and welcome you all to our Blue and Gold Banquet.




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