American Indian - We Thank Thee
Posted On: 2020-08-21


PROPS: Artificial campfire, tom-tom, rattle for medicine man, small American flag.

THE SETTING: Three Indian braves and a medicine man are seated around the fire; Indian Chief is standing; boy in Cub Scout uniform is off stage.

INDIAN CHIEF: (Raising arms outstretched toward the sky.) "Oh Great Father in the sky, listen to my people!"

1ST BRAVE: (Raises arms toward the sky) "We thank thee, Creator of the light of the sun, for each new day.

2ND BRAVE: (Raises arms toward the sky) We thank thee for the beauty of the world and the plants and animals we enjoy.

3RD BRAVE: (Raises arms toward the sky) "We thank thee for the night and the rest it brings.

INDIAN CHIEF: "Oh Great Father of all Cub Scouts, Bless us, and be with us today.

MEDICINE MAN: (Jumps up, shakes rattles and as tom-toms beat, shouts) Rise up, all you braves, Rise up, our white brothers!

CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying American Flag, which he presents to the Indian Chief. "This is the most beautiful flag of the world. IT STANDS FOR FREEDOMS LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS. Take it, honor it, respect it, and love it always, for it is yours and mine." (He leads the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. )




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