Amber Waves Of Grain
Posted On: 2019-03-12

Preparation: Prepare signs with pictures of a grain field or a letter A or both, mountain’ and/or letter M,

newspaper and/or E, plains and/or letter R, picture of George Washington, Abe Lincoln, .JFK and/or

letter I, scene of people in any city and/or letter C, pretty picture of America and/or letter A.

On back of sign put the words the boys need to read.

Needed 7 boys and signs-one boy for each sign

1. A-is for Amber waves of grain.

2. M-is for Mountains majestic.

3. E-is for Everyone’s freedom.

4. R-is for Rich, fruited plains.

5. I-is for I love my country.

6. C-is for country of the free

7. A-is for America the Beautiful. Please join me in singing "America the Beautiful" After the song, please stand to pledge the symbol of this great country.



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