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Adventure In The Sky Opening

Preparation: Have large pieces of construction paper with a picture representing each of the eight different aircrafts of the inventors.  You can then put the boys lines on the back of each.  Have the boys hold their paper down until it is time for them to say their part and then they should hold it up so everyone can see.

Cub #1: Leonardo DaVinci had a vision of man in the sky.
Cub #2: Orville and Wilbur built a plane, the first one to fly
Cub #3: The sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager they say
Cub #4: John F. Kennedy said we'd land a man on the moon one day.
Cub #5: The Shuttle Atlantis now soars overhead.
Cub #6: As I settle and snug in my bed.
Cub #7: I lay down to rest and sleep I do try.
Cub #8: But all I can dream of is "ADVENTURE IN THE SKY."

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