Actors In The Pack
Posted On: 2020-08-21


MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Cubbing is a family affair. The boy can not join a Pack without a parent helping. Tonight we are all one Pack, where not only the Cubs show us what they can do but: 

CUB: All cubs like to act. Some of us act up, and some of us just do our thing.

PARENT: I'm really not an actor (actress). I'll do whatever is required of me but I'd rather just be in the audience.

COMMITTEE MEMBER: Really now, you all know we plan our Pack program so don't you think that's planning the show? So call me an armchair director.

WEBELOS: Well, I've been around a while. So you can bet I'll make some of you smile.

CUBMASTER: Now that we now who is who and what is what, on with the showtime. But first let's all stand and say our pledge.




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