A Is For America
Posted On: 2019-03-12

EQUIPMENT: American Flag, Pack Flag, stands, letter cards for spelling out America

SETTING: Color guard brings in colors as in usual flag ceremony, but before the colors re posted each Cub  Scout holds up his letter and recites his line. (Letters could be tacked up on a line or board as each Cub reads his lines either by the Cub, Den Chief or Den Leader.)

CUB #1 - A -- is for ARMY that guards us well.

CUB #2 - M -- is for the MEN who for liberty fell.

CUB #3 - E -- is for ENEMY thrust from our shores.

CUB #3 - R -- RANKS of soldiers, amid the gun's roar.

CUB #3 - I -- is the dear INDEPENDENCE we won.

CUB #3 - C -- is our COUNTRY, as fair as the sun.

CUB #3 - A -- is the ALLEGIANCE we feel for our land.

CUB #8 - Let us now pledge it with heart and with hand. All those in uniform salute, all others hand over heart.

I Pledge....."