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Webelos Geologist Activty Badge

EQUIPMENT: Activity pins Webelos will be receiving.
PERSONNEL: Webelos Den Leader, Cubmaster, Webelos Scouts.

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Webelos "We Be Loyal Scouts." Our goal is to be loyal scouts. We try to do our best even tough the road appears difficult at times, we are striving to meet that goal.

The Geologist activity badge has been earned by the following Webelos Scouts. (List the Webelos to earn the pin.)

Will these boys please come forward.

While the Webelos leader is presenting the pins to the boys the Cubmaster notes the requirements.

CUBMASTER: To earn the Geologist pin a boy must do five of the following: Give examples how rocks and minerals are used in the products we use in our society. Collect five geologic specimens that have important uses. List some geologic materials used in building your home. Make a drawing that shows the causes of volcano, geyser or an earthquake. Explain one way mountains are formed. Make a scale of mineral hardness and show the relative hardness of three rock samples.

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Let's stand and give these boys a round of applause.

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