A Space Theme Crossover, by Peter Farnham
Posted On: 2019-10-02

We used an outer space theme this time. I have a Captain Picard suit I wear at Halloween, and a working toy ray gun. We started out by dimming the lights and playing over the speaker system at full volume Strauss' "Thus Spake Zarathustra," more familiarly known as the theme from "200l: A Space Odyssey."

I came out and tried to light the "campfire" but had no matches. "Great Denibian slime devils, I'm out of matches!" I bellowed in my most stentorian starship commander's voice. "I'll have to speak to Riker about this immediately!" But I solve the problem by lighting the campfire with a blast from my ray gun (my ASM turned the dimmer switch up to full slowly). Then I leisurely warmed my hands, and turned around and warmed my posterior (giggles here, as intended).

Then I turned to the WDL, and said, "Commander Keith, I understand you have seven graduates from the starfleet academy who are ready to join the crews of starships 113 and 1515. Bring them up here immediately!" Anyway, you get the idea. Bring the boys up, congratulate them on their accomplishments, wish them well in boy scouting, and then cross them over the bridge, where they are received by a representative from their new troops. We also give them boy scout neckerchiefs; my troop has a custom-made one we give each new scout.

Another thing we do--I have each boy sign our cross-over bridge with an indelible magic marker before they actually cross over. Who knows? We may have a president's signature on there someday.

At the end, we played the theme from "Star Wars", also LOUD. Very inspiring.

This is a fun ceremony and seemed to work well. The boys really liked it--didn't want me to turn off "Star Wars," so we played it as a finale when they were leaving the pack meeting.

Each of the seven boys also received his Arrow of Light in a separate ceremony earlier in the meeting.



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