Broken Arrow AOL
Posted On: 2019-10-02

Equipment: An Arrow for each boy, two council fires, awards

Setting: Cubmaster at first fire, boy scouts at second. Award is attached to arrow.

Akela: Will (Read names) and their parents please come forward and take their place of honor at the Council Fire? Tonight (Read names) have achieved two high honors. They will receive the Arrow of Light award and graduate from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting.

I hold in my hand an arrow. As you can see, it is straight and true, for only an arrow that is straight and true will hit its mark. (Hold up arrow so Scout can see its shaft.) In order to fly straight, it must also have at least three feathers. These represent the first three ranks of Cub Scouting you achieved; Bobcat, Wolf and Bear. With these awards in place you began to ascend along the shaft, toward the tip of the arrow, the Arrow of Light Award. This is the culmination of all your Cub Scouting efforts. Without a hard, sharp tip, the arrow is not a very effective weapon. Since you have achieved this, the highest rank in Cub Scouting, you will now be a more effective Boy Scout as you take with you the things you've learned and continue to progress along the Scouting trail.

Please stand. I now present you with this arrow, to which is attached your award. Parents, please pin the Arrow of Light on your son. now give your parents the proper salute. (The proper salute to a mother is a kiss.)

Since you are graduating form Cub Scouting tonight, you will no longer be a Cub Scout, except in memory. Because this arrow represents the path along which you have come, but not the path along which you must now go, I will ask you to return the arrow.

(Take the arrows and break them over your knee, just enough to crack, but not completely in two.) This broken arrow will now be forever a reminder to you, that you achieved every rank in Cub Scouting, and graduated with honor. It will no longer fly, just as you will no longer be a Cub Scout. But you will always wear the Arrow of Light symbol on your uniform, as a reminder of your accomplishment. You now may keep this broken arrow for your trophy skin. I give you one last salute before you leave our council fire to join your new Boy Scout brothers at their council fire. (Salute.) Always be straight and true! Now walk to your new council fire.

-- Written by Rick McNeal
-- Thanks to Ellen DeVilbiss



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