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Welcome, Bear Cub Scout

Cubmaster; Webelos den leader; Webelos den chief; the transferring Cub Scout, his den leader, and his parents; member of Webelos den to hold the pack flag.

Pack flag, the transferring Cub Scout's den flag, Webelos den flag, Webelos neckerchief and slide, a copy of the Webelos Scout Book.

Cubmaster: Tonight we have a Bear Cub Scout who is transferring to the Webelos den. Before we call this boy and his parents forward, I will ask that our pack flag be brought to the center of the stage, and that Webelos Den Leader [name] and Webelos Den Chief [name] come forward with the Webelos den flag. (When they are in position Cubmaster continues.)

Now will Bear Cub Scout [name] come forward with his parents and den leader and stand at the left of our pack flag? (If he is new to Cub Scouting, adapt accordingly.)

Webelos Den Leader [name], will you please explain the purpose of the Webelos den?

Webelos Den Leader: Our Webelos den has one big purpose. That's to prepare our Webelos Scouts for Boy Scouting. We work on exciting activity badge areas, learning things that may lead us to lifelong hobbies or vocations. At the same time, we study the Boy Scout requirements so the boys will be ready to become Boy Scouts when they are eligible.

Our Webelos den meets at my home (gives address, time, and day of the week.)

We participate in all regular pack activities, work on selected activity badges, and work toward finishing the requirements for the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award. We also visit Boy Scout troops in our neighborhood to help our boys decide which troop they wish to join.

We have made a promise to our boys to help them know the great outdoors and to go on hikes and overnight camping trips every year with their adult partners. This Webelos den activity starts the Webelos Scouts along the outdoor Scouting trail.

I will call on our Webelos den chief to present the Webelos neckerchief. (Webelos den chief steps forward with Webelos den flag, which he hands to the Webelos den leader to hold.)

Webelos Den Chief: [Boy's name], we welcome you into our Webelos den. We have fun as we practice, and learn the activity badges and Boy Scout requirements. As we work and play together, a lot will be expected of you. I am happy to present to you your Webelos neckerchief. Here is your Webelos Scout Book. Its pages will lead you into many hours of pleasure and knowledge. May it be your constant companion. Welcome to our Webelos den.

(Adapt the following to suit if the boy is new to Cub Scouting.)

Webelos Den Leader: [Name], your former den leader, extends the best wishes of your old den.

Den Leader: [Boy's name], Den [number] has been glad to have you as a member. We have had much fun together. Now, your former den mates wish you much happiness and success in your new den. (He or she salutes or shakes hands with him.)

Cubmaster: [Cub Scout's parents' names] have helped [boy's name] along the Cub Scout trail this far. It is important now that you continue to stay with him and become thoroughly familiar with the Scouting trail in our Webelos den. We will soon have the pleasure, we know, of seeing you present your son with the Arrow of Light Award. (The pack gives yell and the group retires.)


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