Webelos Induction With The Four Winds
Posted On: 2019-09-28


PERSONNEL: Webelos candidates, their parents, 4 adults (1 in each corner of the room), Cubmaster, Webelos leader, someone to operate the lights.

EQUIPMENT: 5 candles, Webelos neckerchiefs, slides, & colors.

CUBMASTER: Tonight we have Cub Scouts that are ready to join a Webelos Den.

Will the following boys please come forward:_____,_______.

(Light candle on table in front of Webelos and turn out lights)

The winds can be both friend and foe to man. The winds can bring storm and destruction as well as the rain clouds that provide moisture and then blows than away so the sun may warm our land and hone.

Tonight the winds bring us messages of good will. Let's listen to their message.

NORTH WIND: I am the North Wind. People say I am cold, but to you I will always bring the warmest of winds because you have been a true blue Cub Scout while in Pack and have lived up to the Law of the Pack.

SOUTH WIND: I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. Over hill and dale. I have carried stories of you and your Cub Scouting experiences. As a Cub Scout you have been happy, game, and fair... a credit to your Den and Pack.

EAST WIND: I am the East Wind. I wish you well, I have spread the story of our fun and happiness as Bobcats, Wolves, and Bears in Cub Scouting in Pack ____and how you lived up to the Cub Scout Promise and helped other people.

WEST WIND: I am the West Wind. I would like everyone to know that these Cub Scouts going into Webelos did not walk the trail of Cub Scouting alone. Each had the wonderful help of his parents or guardian. Parents, please continue to help your Cub Scout to go and grow.

CUBMASTER: What are all the winds trying to say?

ALL WINDS: (in unison) We will be with you forever. We wish you the best of luck on the Webelos trail.

WEBELOS LEADER: The purpose of the Webelos Den is to help the boys earn Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light. It also helps prepare than to go into Scouting when they leave 5th grade. The Webelos Dens meet in the evening. Sometimes we have meetings or go on trips on Saturdays. As you noticed in the Webelos Handbook, we work on 20 Activity badge areas. We will also visit Boy Scout Troops to help the boys who are about to graduate decide which Troop they want to join. You parents, will be called upon to assist in our activities from time to time.

CUBMASTER: Will the mothers now pin the Webelos colors on the right sleeve of your son's uniform shirt?

Will the Scouts please remove their Cub Scout neckerchiefs?

Will the fathers please place the Webelos neckerchief on the boys? (say boys names) will be a member of Webelos Den ___, led by Mr.________, Please come forward and welcome these new Webelos Cub Scouts and their parents into their den?

Congratulations! I hope you will have a rewarding and memorable journey a long the Webelos Trail.




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