Webelos Den Induction #2
Posted On: 2019-09-28

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster or advancement chairman; Indian Scout (den chief); Indian Chief (Webelos leader); drummer, Webelos den members; and boys to be inducted.

EQUIPMENT: Indian drum, artificial campfire and a peace pipe.

ARRANGEMENT: Webelos Scouts in Indian costume sit on stage or floor in circle with artificial campfire in a prominent position, with drummer standing to one side or sitting in circle. Indian Scout stands in front of the circle.

CUBMASTER: (As drum beats softly, he comes into room, calls names of boys to be inducted) Oh Scout of the Indian tribe of Webelos, we have ____ boys who wish to enter the Webelos circle.

INDIAN SCOUT: Whom do you have?

CUBMASTER: (Reads names and den number)

INDIAN SCOUT: Come forward, Cub Scouts. (Drum beats as boys come forward) Give the Cub Scout salute. (They do. Drum beats again as Indian Scout escorts boys to the Indian Chief)

INDIAN CHIEF: Very well, Cub Scouts, can you give the Cub Scout Promise? (They do) Now, what is the Cub Scout motto? (They repeat motto) And what is the Cub Scout sign? (They give sign) Now the biggest test of all before you are admitted to the Webelos circle. (Drum booms as he stands up with arms folded across his chest and looks solemnly out into space) Scouts of the Webelos tribe, you have heard the charges of these circle. What are your desires?

INDIAN SCOUT: Cub Scouts (to boys being inducted), can you tell us the meaning of "Webelos"? (They do.)

(The Indian Scouts kneels down and whispers into the ear of the Webelos Scout nearest him. This message is passed all around the circle of Webelos Scouts. The last boy nods to the Indian Scout)

My brothers think that these Cub Scouts will be worthy brothers of the Webelos tribe and we hereby extend a hearty welcome and invite them to smoke the peace pipe with us.

INDIAN CHIEF: Come, Cub Scouts. Here is your Webelos neckerchief. Wear it with pride. Sit with us now and smoke the pipe of peace. (Cub Scouts sit in circle with Webelos Scouts. The peace pipe is passed around slowly)




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