Tonight We Have Webelos Induction
Posted On: 2009-03-27

Tonight we have _____ Bear Cub Scout(s) who have completed the third grade and are transferring into the Webelos den.

Now will Cub Scouts) _____, ______, and _____please come forward with your parents.

As you enter the ranks of the Webelos den, it is important for you to understand that Webelos has but one big purpose. That is, to prepare our Webelos Scouts for Scouting. Webelos work on 20 very exciting activity badges, learning things that may lead them to lifelong hobbies or vocations. At the same time, they study the requirements for joining Boy Scouts so they will be ready for Boy Scouts.

The Webelos den meets at every week at _____PM on (day). Webelos participate in all regular pack activities, but work on selected activity badges, and work toward finishing the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award.

Would the Webelos den leader (and assistant) please present the Webelos colors and the Webelos neckerchiefs to these new Webelos.

Parents, you have helped your sons along the Cub Scout trail thus far. And it is important now that you continue to work along with him and become thoroughly familiar with the Scout trail. I know we will soon have, the pleasure of presenting your sons with the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light Award.



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