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They Are Now Eligible To Join The Webelos Den

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ARRANGEMENT: Boys to be inducted into Webelos den are called forward with their parents.

Cubmaster stands with them. Webelos leader and member of Webelos den stand to one side. Six Webelos Scouts have speaking parts.

CUBMASTER: It is my pleasure to announce that (Names of boys) have now reached age 8 and have completed their work in Den___. They are now eligible to join the Webelos den. Webelos Scouts wear a special neckerchief, so I will remove your Cub Scout neckerchief, (He does so and hands it to parents)

Our Webelos Scouts are learning to become Scouts and they would like to tell you about it:

lst WEBELOS: The Scout Law is a lengthy one; sometimes it's hard to keep;

But if you take it step by step, the climb won't seem so steep.

2nd WEBELOS: Trustworthiness comes first of all; that's always good to know;

And loyalty comes next in line. Be proud, and let it show.

3rd WEBELOS: A friendly, helpful Scout is one who's courteous and kind;

and then, of course, obedience is always on your mind.

4th WEBELOS: A good Scout is a cheerful one and one you're glad to meet;

You must be thrifty and be brave and always clean and neat.

5th WEBELOS: A Webelos is a ten-year-old boy; a boy like me or you;

Who learns to be a Boy Scout. It's not hard to do.

6th WEBELOS: There's one last step that we must learn, to be reverent as we can; All these things a Boy Scout does to be a better man.

WEBELOS LDR: While we're learning about Boy Scouts, our Webelos den has lots of fun working on activity badges, going on hikes and camping. We would like to welcome you to our den.

We know you will have fun and learn many things.

(Boys to be inducted move to take their place beside Webelos Scouts. Webelos leader places the Webelos neckerchief around their necks and presents them with Webelos handbook.)


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