That Diamond Is Now Complete
Posted On: 2021-12-21


As Cub Scouts, you have come before the Pack to receive the badge of the Webelos. Your worthiness is witnessed by the activity pins you have earned and now wear on your uniform. In Cub Scouting, there are four badges of rank that a scout can earn. When sewn on the uniform they form the shape of a diamond. That diamond is now complete but your life in scouting continues while you achieve as Webelos and expand your knowledge of Boy Scouting.

The greatest honor for a Cub Scout is to earn the Arrow of Light as he walks the Webelos trail and the ultimate goal of all Cub Scouts is to advance to Boy Scouting. Receiving the Webelos badge now identifies you as the senior Cub Scouts in the Pack. You are expected to lead by setting a good example for all other Cub Scouts to follow. The badge of the Webelos is presented to your parents to pin on your uniform upside down until you have done a good deed in the eyes of Akela. [After badge has been pinned on] I now ask you to form a living circle, [Scouts only] give the Cub Scout sign and recite the meaning of the word Webelos out loud.[ We'll Be Loyal Scouts]