Our Secret Recipe
Posted On: 2021-12-21


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, committee chairman, or den/Webelos coach

EQUIPMENT: Kentucky Fried Chicken box containing a rib, thigh, breast, and a wing.

SETTING: Call forward all who you wish to welcome

NARRATOR: It's not easy being the BEST. You start out by doing just one thing and you keep on doing that thing until you do it better than anyone else. Here in pack ___, we do one thing, and we do it RIGHT.

We start out by using only the BEST INGREDIENTS and it's our SECRET RECIPE that keeps making our pack #1.

So here's to you! We don't mean to RIB you. We just want to say that you're a welcome addition to our ORIGINAL STAFF. When you agreed to join us, we breathed a THIGH of relief! You add SPICE (11 herbs and spices) to our program. You help keep us a-BREAST of the latest Scouting news. We can count on you to CARRY OUT any assignment and know that it will be WELL DONE.  When you're asked to do something, even at the last minute, you pitch right in and WING it.

Yes, we pick only the BEST and we SERVE the BEST because ONLY THE BEST WILL DO! That's why we're #1 because WE DO Picking RIGHT!