Indian Webelos Den Induction
Posted On: 2019-09-28

Pack advancement chairman or Webelos den leader, Indian scout (den chief), Indian chief (Webelos den leader), Bear Cub Scouts, Indian drummer, Webelos den members.

Indian drum; artificial campfire; peace pipe; Indian costumes; Webelos neckerchiefs, slides, and caps; copies of Webelos Scout Book.

The Webelos den members in Indian costumes sit on the floor in a circle around the artificial campfire. The Indian chief stands in a prominent position and the Indian drummer stands to one side or sits in the circle. The Indian scout stands in front of the circle.

Advancement Chairman: (As the drum is sounded with a soft "boom, boom:" he comes to the center of the room.) Scouts of the Webelos tribe, we have [number] boys who wish to enter the Webelos circle.

Indian Scout: Who do you have?

Advancement Chairman: I have Bear Cub Scouts [names] of Den [number].

Indian Scout: Come forward, Bears [names]. (Boom of the drum is heard as the boys advance toward him.) Give the Cub Scout salute. (The boys do so.) Give the Cub Scout handshake. (The boys do so. The drum booms again as the Indian scout escorts the boys to the Indian chief. They stand on his right.)

Indian Chief: Do I hear the South Wind?

Webelos Scout: I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. Over hill and dale I have carried stories of you and your Cub Scout experiences. As Cub Scouts you have been happy, game, and fair, and a credit to your den and pack.

Indian Chief: Do I hear the East Wind?

Webelos Scout: I am the East Wind. I wish you well. I have spread the story of your fun and happiness as Bobcats, Wolves, and Bears in Cub Scouting with Pack [number], and how you lived up to the Cub Scout promise.

Indian Chief: Do I hear the West Wind?

Webelos Scout: I am the West Wind. I would like everyone to know that these Cub Scouts going into the Webelos den did not walk the trail of Cub Scouting alone. Each had the wonderful help of his parents. Please continue to help your Cub Scouts go, and also to grow.

Indian Chief: What are all the winds saying?

Webelos Scouts: (All the winds in unison.) We will be with you forever. We wish you the best of luck in the Webelos den.

Indian Chief: The purpose of the Webelos den is to help our boys earn the Webelos badge and Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light Award, and to help them become Boy Scouts when they are eligible.

Webelos Den Leader: Our Webelos den meets at [location] on [give day of the week and time], and we have meetings and trips on Saturdays. We will also have activities with Boy Scout troops. As you notice in the Webelos Scout Book, we work on Webelos activity badges. I will be calling upon each of you parents to assist me with one of the activity badge areas. Now I would like to award Cub Scout [name] his Webelos neckerchief and slide, his Webelos Scout Book, and Webelos cap.




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